Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Bee Corp.
10% of WTF Bee Corp is Donated To Veteran Services, And Will Be FOREVER!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Bee Corp. is A Bad Ass Bee Company Proudly Owned by Two Disabled American Veterans

What We Do...

  • Beekeeping Equipment & Supplies
  • Beekeeping Startup Kits & Lessons
  • Honey Sales
  • Local Humane Bee Removals (case by case basis)
  • Hand & Air Tool Sales
  • WTF Bees Clothing & Accessories
  • Western States Crop Pollination Services
  • Educational Consultation Services
  • Custom Traditional & Observation Hive Builds
  Coming Soon!!!
  • Established Nucs
  • Established Hives
  • Mated Queens

Why Us?

As veterans we have a deep desire to continue our public service by helping people as much as we can. Our company provides the platform for us to do that. We strive to make a difference and provide a good experience for those in the beekeeping family. 10% of ALL earnings go directly to services that provide for healing veterans. So when you shop with us you are supporting a bigger cause. Our products are HIGH quality! You might find similar items at a cheaper price but the quality will be questionable and you will be looking again soon. Also if you feel one of our prices needs to be adjusted, just contact us so we can review it because we may have missed something. The items we sell are hand picked and are what we actually use in the field ourselves. We pride ourselves on having excellent taste and selling only the best equipment. If it's crap we won't sell it to you. Period! Unfortunately it's unavoidable these days to go without some items being from China. A few things like queen cages, some feeders, and other small items are indeed from China. BUT, the vast majority of our items are Made in America to include all of the woodwork. We are big supporters of newcomers to the world of beekeeping and we will always provide kits at affordable prices to help get them started. Last, but not least, we are veterans and we love our country. We have fought and shed blood for this country. We are here to carve out our little slice of the American dream and help as many people as we can along the way. We hope you can be part of that!